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The Brazil Beaches coast line offers vacationers, beautiful blue waters and boating activities second to none. At your bungalow on the beach you will see amazing views of one of most beautiful places on earth.

With tropical weather and more than 7,000 miles of gorgeous coastline, Brazilian life and culture revolves around the beach.

It is no wonder that Brazil is one of the world's top suppliers of high quality, beautiful swimwear. And there's no place on Earth with such a great variety of things to do and amazing parties.

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Rio de Janeiro

The most famous Brazilian Beaches are in and around Rio de Janeiro. Many Brazilians and tourists flock to the Brazilian beaches around Rio during the major holiday events of the year. Literally millions party the night away on New Year's Eve, on Rio's many beaches!

One of the fun facts of Brazil if you're a guy is that in Rio the beautiful Brazilian girls outnumber the guys by quite a bit. Rio de Janeiro's own Copacabana is always thought of as one of the Top Beaches Of The World. Rio offers wide white sand beaches and plenty of accommodations at affordable rates. Volleyball, watersports, great fishing and all-night partying is the main agenda here. Copacabana is also home to "futevole" or foot volleyball and is a common sight at the beach.

There's been a lot of movies made and songs written about the beaches in Rio De Janeiro and the great things they claim are all true. Hope to see you there sometime soon.


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Safety First

Things are primarily safe in and around Rio De Janeiro, at the Brazil beaches and other high traffic tourist areas in Brazil. But, be careful especially at night. Unsafe conditions are when you are alone at night or have something flashy that someone might want, cameras, jewelry, etc. Safety first at all times.


More Beautiful Beaches

The beach at Ipanema is a favorite for locals and beauties strutting their bronzed bodies. It's more laid-back than Copacabana. There's plenty of volleyball and great swimming.

North of Rio is Natal, the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte (see Map of Brazil Beaches at the bottom of this page) has become a popular place for sporting events and honeymooners, also because the great variety of beaches.

Close by you will find two other Top beaches in Brazil: Ponta do Mel (Mel Point) and Praia da Pipa (Pipa´s Beach), with incredible turquoise waters, where you might see dolphins and huge turtles.

Top Things To Do In Brazil

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• Of course you will enjoy all the Brazil Beaches and the fun in the sun and if you're a guy, maybe some Brazil bikini watching. There are some nude beaches in Brazil, if that's your thing. But, here's some other things to do in Brazil for the whole family.

• There are some great helicopter tours available so you can get a birds-eye view of the Brazil beaches. The tour leaves from the lagoon in Rio and flies over Ipanema and Copacabana and then around the Christ statue. The kids will love it.

• Although most would not consider Rio to be a popular destination for the whole family, kids are a common site in Rio. Brazilian people take their kids everywhere, even to the bars.

Take the kids to Rio's city zoo, it's very inexpensive and a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Kids also will love the Wet n' Wild Rio water park located just outside of the city. The park features several water slides and pools.

• Explore the Amazon, the largest rain forest in the World. It contains one-third of all the living species on earth and includes 10 of the world's 20 largest rivers, including the River Amazon.

• Go rafting beneath Waterfalls. Set in the middle of the rain forest in southern Brazil, these awesome Waterfalls are one of the great wonders of the World, with 275 individual falls encompassing an area more than 3 miles wide.


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Facts of Brazil

Facts of Brazil - Six major groups make up the Brazilian population: the Portuguese, who colonized Brazil in the 16th century; Africans, brought to Brazil as slaves; various other European, Middle Eastern and Asian immigrant groups who have settled in Brazil since the mid-19th century; and indigenous peoples of the Tupi and Guarani language stock.

Intermarriage between the Portuguese and indigenous people or slaves was common in years past. Originally mostly Portuguese, subsequent waves of immigration have contributed to a diverse ethnic and cultural heritage. Brazil completed its transition to a popularly elected government in 1989.

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Brazilian beach girls

If you are mostly used to the conservative beaches of North America, a trip to the Brazil beaches can result in culture shock. Attitudes about the human body are far more relaxed, so swimsuits are usually quite smaller. If you are a girl watcher, this is a place that you might like to visit. As you can see there are some beautiful Brazilian beach girls. Please checkout more beautiful beaches pages, Costa Rica Beaches | Miami Beaches | Cancun Beaches and more links to great vacations pages above.

Map of Brazil

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