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Carnival Cruise Reviews - Headquartered in Miami, Carnival is the world's largest cruise line. They were known as the cruise industry's version of a floating party for a long time. But that was years ago, they have evolved into one of the best and most affordable cruise lines for all ages.

Carnival is one of our top cruise lines for families with kids. In recent years they began investing in a top-notch children's program, but don't get the wrong impression, they don't skimp on elaborate lounges and discos, they still party with the best of them.

carnival cruise reviews

Cruise Critics

Our Carnival Cruise reviews starts with the Carnival Cruise ship Celebration.

"We went on a Mexican cruise, leaving out of Texas. I have read some negative reviews on this ship & obviously some people just can't be pleased. There are so many things to do on a Carnival Cruise. The staff & waiters were outstanding and the food was the best we've had on a cruise ship.

The old ship needs a little TLC, but travels full almost every cruise. The staff all helped make the small rough spots go away, they were great. Even greeted several of us in Cozumel while shopping to give us some assistance and remembered my name.

Cozumel was exactly as expected, having been there before, one big party. Back on the ship, the dining area is'nt the biggest out there, but it's big enough and we never had to wait for anything on the ship, everything being well run and organized. Overall, it was a great time, with the biggest disappointment being Galveston's cruise facility. It needs some real help; access, parking, traffic, etc. I recommend this ship and cruise line to all."


Carnival Cruise Ship Reviews

carnival cruise line reviews

The next ship in our Carnival Cruise reviews is Carnival's Fantasy.

"We Left from New Orleans going to Cozumel and Progreso. Shore excursions at Progreso and Cozumel included all-terrain vehicles, beautiful beaches, nature and Mayan ruins tours and snorkeling. The Dolphin encounters is available at both ports, we went in Cozumel, it was amazing and the kids loved it.

We have been on this ship in the past and boy have they upgraded everything since we went last. The ship has added a water park with long corkscrew slides and a completely remodeled tropical resort-style pool area. We couldn't keep the kids off the slides all day long.

They have fully remodeled staterooms and suites, complete with new baths and flat-screen Televisions. We liked the all new additions of lobby bars, coffee bars and miniature golf courses.

The nighttime entertainment was awesome, the wife loved the disco club. The casino is the largest I've seen on a cruise ship. One of my favorite newer upgrades is the "Your Choice Dining," you have the choice of Early assigned seating at 6 pm, Late assigned seating at 8:15 pm or open seating between 5:45 and 9 pm. All-in-all we had a great time and as you've read was blown away with the all the upgrades."

Triumph Carnival Cruise Ship

triumph carnival cruise ship

Carnival Cruise Reviews - Embarkation went quick and smooth. The Port of Miami is easily accessed on a Sunday at noon - with minimum traffic and security. This was our second Triumph Carnival Cruise. We first headed for two fun filled sea days before landing at Half Moon Cay on Friday, a private white sand beach on a beautiful tropical island.

On Saturday we landed at Nassau, Bahamas for another beautiful day. The reason, of course, that we were on our second cruise on the Triumph Carnival Cruise Ship is that we love everything about the ship and crew. The food was great both cruises and the staff and crew are all so nice and helpful. We WILL be going on the Triumph again in the near future.

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