Celebrity Cruise Line Reviews

celebrity cruise line reviews celebrity cruise reviews

Our visitors and their Celebrity Cruise Line Reviews - Celebrity Cruise Lines have gained a reputation for great service and fine foods elegantly served.

They have Signature amenities, including a martini bar, large staterooms with generous storage, fully equipped spas and butler service for top suites.

Valuable art collections grace the fleet, which merged with Royal Caribbean International in 1997. If you are looking for elegance this might be one of the Best Cruise Lines for you.

Celebrity Cruise Critics

celebrity cruise critics

We have been on a lot of cruises in the past, but this was our first with Celebrity and it wont be our last. We were told that Celebrity Cruise Ships are some of the most luxurious out there and they were telling the truth. We went on the Celebrity Solstice and WOW what a ship and so many things to do. It was the nicest cruise ship we have ever been on and the staff and service were first class.

Celebrity Cruise Reviews

Celebrity Cruise Line Reviews - We went on a cruise to Greece. We enjoyed the cruise very much and the excursions were great. The menu in the dining room was excellent, but the menu in the cafeteria not quite so good, but still good quality. We were comfortable in our stateroom, with all the facilities we needed or had reason to expect.

The shows were great, the guest entertainers were excellent and highly entertaining. If you get to take a cruise to Greece, don`t miss the excursion around Santorini, what an amazing place to visit. We can recommend Celebrity Cruise lines as the best we have experienced and will be cruising with them again soon.

Celebrity Cruise Reviews

We went on the Celebrity Constellation. The price we paid for the cruise was well worth the money. However, the cost of the Ships excursions were, compared to other Cruise lines, very overpriced and the drink prices were kind of high. The staff and service on Celebrity Cruise Lines is first rate.

celebrity cruise lines

Shore Excursions: Apart from St Petersburg, where we took a private tour which was awesome. We also took the ships excursions, they were very expensive and varied in value for the money.

Dining : We were very pleased with all the options that were available on the ship. Our waiter and his assistant were very efficient, always wanting to please their customers and we were extremely pleased with the service they offered. We felt that the food was great no matter where we ate. The meat, especially the steaks were always very tender and juicy.

Entertainment: The entertainment was amazing. We saw all the shows and couldn't have had better time. Overall I'd say we had an amazing time, can't wait to go back on one of the beautiful Celebrity cruise ships.

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