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Cheap Bahama Cruises - My family recently went on a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas. They had a great time. Their favorite parts of the cruise was all the nighttime shows, "all of them" and Atlantis in The Bahamas.

I've also been to The Atlantis Resort Paradise Island a number of times myself, it's a beautiful place to take a vacation and your kids will love it in the Bahamas also.

One of the nicest casinos I have seen, with skylights and windows that bring the outdoors inside, is the Atlantis Casino. It's the roomiest and brightest casino I've ever been in. They have over 1,000 slot machines, don't forget to get rated so you can take advantage of the complimentary meals and more.

The excitement of Atlantis in the Bahamas is not just in the daytime and the water fun. When the water grows dark, the fun is just beginning. The nightlife is amazing, be sure to checkout the clubs. It's also a great place for the whole family, from the lazy river ride, to the Atlantis movie theater, there are also kids pools throughout the resort.

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bahama cruises

Whether you are in Nassau or Paradise Island, there are a lot of great excursions you can take in the bahamas, island tours, Atlantis, and be sure to do some snorkeling or scuba diving, they say they have the "clearest water in the world," I believe it. Before booking your excursions, checkout our Cruise Tips page for an excursion tip that will save you some money.

When you take your cheap bahama cruises, you may be able to visit some hidden gems, the out islands are remote villages and a simple, relaxed way of life. When you cruise to Bahamas there you will find some of the world's most beautiful beaches - dive sites and great fishing.

The Bahama Islands are a welcome surprise and mix of adventure and relaxation. I never get tired of cheap Bahama cruises and there are many Caribbean Cruises for under $200.00 with our favorite cruise lines. Please take advantage of our Cheapest Cruise Prices and Cheap Last Minute Cruises.

Bahama Cruise Review

"We live in Florida, so it was easy for us to jump on a cruise ship for a 3-nighter. We went on Carnival’s Imagination to the Bahamas. This is one time that a cruise actually taught me a valuable lesson, never let someone else sway your opinion.

We had always heard about Carnival’s reputation, rowdy, party boat with lots of drunks, etc.. and we felt that this type of cruise experience would not be our cup of tea. But, after 17 cruises, we decided to try Carnival Cruise Lines. After all, it was a 3-night cruise to the Bahamas, how bad could it possibly be?

Wow, talk about misconceptions! We had an incredible time! Also other passengers with kids were raving about what a great family cruise they were having and how great Carnival's kids programs were. What a great choice and Atlantis Resort was amazing. We can't wait to cruise with Carnival again."

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Shark Feeding Tours

shark feeding

When you cruise to Bahamas you have the unique opportunity to observe sharks up close and personal, in their natural habitat. You can find a shark dive in almost every part of The Bahamas, and each one is different.

The Grand Bahama Island sits on one of the largest reefs in the world and has earned a reputation as a diver's paradise. This natural paradise will impress even the most experienced divers with detailed gardens of coral. The island has unique excursions where you can swim with dolphins and sharks in the wild providing a truly amazing experience!

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