Cheap Family Cruises

cheap family cruises

We help you find cheap family cruises with great kids' programs and all the most recent entertainment for the whole family. The Best Cruise Lines have something for everyone, we will show you who they are and what they offer for your tinniest toddler or your oldest teenager.

More families are beginning to discover that family cruise vacations make a lot of sense. They eliminate a lot of headaches like lots of stressful driving and cruise prices are not as high as they used to be. Checkout our Cheapest Cruise Prices page for some cheap cruise ideas.

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Best Family Cruise Lines

• The first of our best family cruise lines is Carnival Cruise Lines. They allow kids as young as two years old to participate in Camp Carnival. Parents of non-potty trained toddlers must provide diapers, but counselors will change them. Minimum age to cruise is four months old. The cost for the service is minimal. Carnival has scheduled on-board programs for ages 2 through 14 and special shore excursions for teens. Carnival is probably the best cruise line for teens. They have teen-only dance clubs, internet cafes and video arcades.

disney cruise package

• Kids of all ages will love Disney Cruise Lines. The Disney characters will entertain you on the ships and there are numerous family activities. These awesome floating theme parks were built for family cruising. The ships have supervised programs year-round for ages 3 through teens. They even offer animation art lessons on most cruises. Disney is the most well-known family vacation company. To read about Disney World please read Orlando Florida Attractions.

• On Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Your kids need to be at least 3 years old and toilet trained in order to participate in the Adventure Ocean kids program. The idea behind this program is to teach kids about new, interesting things, like the places you will be visiting, the science of sailing and more. The daily program is complimentary, but all evening babysitting is extra. And Royal Caribbean Cruise Line also has private in-room babysitting at around $10 per hour for up to two children.

norwegian cruise line

• In fourth place for cheap family cruises is Norwegian Cruise Lines. They are very family and kid friendly. They have great kids pool areas with wading pools and sliding boards. Norwegian even has costumed characters to entertain the kids. They also have a playroom with a huge climbing maze and ball bin.

Norwegian Cruise Lines has a buffet restaurant with kid sized tables and chairs as well as your kids' favorite foods. Group babysitting is available for a small additional fee. The best family cruise ships with Norwegian are, The Dawn, The Star and The Spirit.

Things To Do On Family Cruises

• It’s easy to see why cheap family cruises are becoming so popular, many ships today have water-slides, rock-climbing walls, teen and tween clubs, mini golf, and so much more.

• For something fun and educational you can visit the many museums of history provided at many ports of call around the World and explore the wide variety of historical attractions, such as the Mayan Ruins in Belize.

inside cruise ships

• One thing you and the kids will enjoy is exploring the ship. The sizes of some of the new ships are awesome. Feel free to roam until your hearts content. Take advantage of this free activity, it's nice to explore and see all there is to see and do. You'll probably be surprised at all the things you find to enjoy inside cruise ships.

• One of my favorite parts of cheap family cruises is the shows. I especially enjoy the comedians and magicians. The best shows I have seen have been in Las Vegas and on cruise ships.

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travel tips

Family Cruise Tips

• When picking the best cruise line for your cheap family cruises vacation, look for deals offered for families with children. Several cruise lines offer deals from time to time. Look for advertisements that say "2-for-1 family cruises" or "kids sail free."

• Before you begin, find the best cruise ships for your cheap family cruises. Some ships have cabins that sleep five, some ships have adjoining cabins and a better rate for the second cabin. And a new trend is family suites.

• One of the best family cruise deals you will find is the wristbands or soda-cards so the kids can get unlimited soft-drinks. The cost of the wristband is about what a young child will drink in a day and it's good for the whole cruise.

• Set a daily budget for the kids, video games, milkshakes, the gift shop and other extras can get quite expensive.

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