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cruise critic reviews

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Carnival Cruise Reviews

carnival cruise specials

We went on the Carnival Ecstacy on a Caribbean cruise. I planned this cruise one week before our departure, you can get some good deals Last Minute For Cruises. Upon arrival, I was glad to see the Carnival staff greeting us at the door and escorting us to the terminal.

The check-in procedure went very quickly and smoothly. The first night was a little uncomfortable because the minute we got relaxed, we had to participate in a ship evacuation drill then were not given any information regarding that evening's activities. However the rest of the cruise was very well planned and organized.

There was literally something to do every minute of the day and night. The shows were fantastic, especially the dancers. I did find the bar service to be extremely overpriced. The interior of the ship was average, not perfect. The staterooms were cleaned often and kind of small.

Camp Carnival for the kids offered a lot of activities that they really enjoyed, but had several unsupervised events that were not suitable for our kids. Overall, we had a great time and will be sailing with Carnival again soon.

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Alaska Cruise Reviews

princess sun cruise ship

Cruise Critic Reviews - We went on the Norwegian Cruise Lines Sun to Alaska. We set sail on a bright sunny day from Vancouver while enjoying a poolside BBQ to start off the trip. This is really a great ship, we had been on it before. If you have never been on an Alaskan Cruise, you need to go, what a great vacation. The scenery alone is worth the trip.

We had a couple problems, but nothing worth mentioning. We made a reservation for Le Bistro for Saturday night. The service was prompt and efficient but I can't say they were friendly. The food was excellent and I loved the Freestyle Dining and they had a great desert menu. The meals in the Garden Cafe (buffet) were great. This was an amazing trip and I would recommend it.

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Celebrity Cruise Line Reviews

celebrity century

We went on a Christmas cruise on the Celebrity Century. It was a truly amazing trip. The ship had been renovated recently and I didn't know what to expect. We have cruised several times on newer ships. It was like getting on a new ship. It was gorgeous!

The food was amazing! Actually it was some of the best food I have EVER had, especially on a cruise ship! The service was excellent and the staff and servers were terrific. Our room was large for a mini-suite and the balcony was large also. It was like a home away from home.

I would definitely cruise the Century ship again. I am very picky about ships and their ammenities, so me being impressed really means something. Also, their work-out room was nice and large. The ship defnitely had as much to do as all of the larger ships. If I had to grade this ship, I would give it an "A".

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Disney Cruise Reviews

disney cruise ships

We went on the Disney Magic Cruise ship, it was wonderful. At first I didn't want to go since it was Disney Cruise and I like the casinos on cruises, Disney doesn't have casinos, but i went anyways. We had the time of our lives.

I really enjoyed how they had the common grounds for kids/teenagers and i met some wonderful people. The ship was fantastic and we had a wonderful vacation. We met some great families and made some new friends. I would definitely go on a Disney Cruise again.

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Princess Cruise Line Reviews

diamond princess cruise ship

Cruise Critic Reviews - We had a wonderful time on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship on our cruise to Alaska. We could not have asked for a better cruise or better service. The food was great as always. Dining was never a hassle or rushed. More activities than we could possibly take in. Evening shows were okay, not really our thing. Princess' version of "American Idol" was a blast.

Our room was always clean and everyone on the staff and crew were so helpful. We found our own excursions off the ship. The locals can tell you the best "off the beaten path" excursions that will save you a lot of money. Be careful about getting back to ship in time. All-in-all we had a great time and I would recommend the ship and the Princess Cruise Lines.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Reviews

enchantment of the seas

Cruise Critic Reviews - We went on the Enchantment of the Seas ship on a western Caribbean cruise and it was a pleasant surprise. The ship was small, but great and the cabin was amazing, I was really surprised how big it was compared to other cruises. There was atually plenty of room for everyone to get ready at the same time, unlike most ship cabins.

As on most cruises the food was great and service was first-rate. Enchantment has a wonderful "splash" area for younger children that I haven't seen on many ships and the main pool also had a divider for younger children. When traveling with the kids (for me) the smaller the ship the better and I think Enchantment is a great choice.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews

cruise critics

We went on the Norwegian Star cruise ship on an Alaska cruise. Even though I have been on over 30 cruises, I was really looking forward to my first Alaska cruise. I was more than ready for an Alaska adventure.

Our cabin was a bit small and the bathroom was extremely small, but we didn't spend a lot of time in the cabin. The ship was great, I really liked the Wine Cellar, a little bar that was a great spot to meet for pre-dinner cocktails.

The dining area was nice and large and "free-style dining was great, I don't like getting too dressed-up for dinner, casual dining is more my style. The food was great, just like almost all cruises I've been on. I enjoyed hanging out at the Red Lion Pub, an authentic English Pub, even down to the traditional fish and chips pub-grub.

The dark woods and banquette style seating was quite appealing and the space exuded a lively and friendly ambiance. We really loved Alaska and would like to go again sometime. I would definitely recommend The Norwegian Star to anyone.

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