Disney Cruise Reviews

disney cruise reviews

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Disney Magic

disney magic

My girlfriend and I went on Disney Magic cruise ship for spring break and it was a blast. We mostly hung-out in the adult areas of the ship. They were very comfortable and relaxing.

The ship was beautifully designed and decorated and always very clean. The cabin was very spacious for a cruise ship with a large bathroom. As far as the food, everything was delicious. Buffets were great, main dining was wonderful and we met some nice folks.

The staff was terrific and very helpful. Cruise directors and hosts were great. What an incredible terminal we left from in Port Canaveral. Disney really went above and beyond. Check-in was a snap and didn't take more than 10 or 15 minutes. Last but not least, be sure to go to every show, They were amazing!

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Magic Cruise Review

magic cruise review

Disney Cruise Reviews - Disney really knows how to do make a cruise fun and relaxing. I've been on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship twice now. This time we we went on a short cruise to the Caribbean. The crew is always so helpful, the staff amazing, even remembering our names.

My daughter literally did not want to leave the Oceaneer's Club children's program, she had so much fun. This is the best cruise line if you kids or babies, they will take toddlers at minimum age of 12 weeks.

The spa services were outstanding, we felt so pampered. Our steward worked endlessly and was always gracious and very nice to us all. The food as always was fantastic and always too much of it. The Disney ships are absolutely spotless, everywhere, always. Also the cabins are larger than most cruise ships. We can't wait to go again.

Disney Magic Cruise Ship

disney magic cruise ship

Disney Cruise Reviews - We went on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship to the Caribbean. WOW what a great time we had and what a great ship. The ship was as clean as any I've seen and very roomy, including the cabin. The food was great as most cruise line food is.

The staff was great and very helpful and friendly. There is no better vacations for kids than a Disney Cruise. They are already asking when we will go again. I would recommend this ship and cruise line to anybody with kids and can't wait to go again with Disney Cruise Lines.

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Disney Wonder

inside disney wonder

Disney Cruise Reviews - The Disney Wonder is truly an amazing ship and a great cruise for the whole family. Great for kids and so many things to do. Upon arriving at Port Canaveral, you are greeted by some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, the Disney employees. The check-in was quick and painless.

When first stepping onto the ship, I was blown away with how beautiful the ship was. The staterooms are quite spacious, much bigger than other ships. I loved the ESPN Skybox bar where anyone can watch their favorite ESPN aired games.

I tried to get to the fitness club as often as possible since we were eating nonstop throughout the trip, the food was great as always. Each night, you eat at a different restaurant, each with a different theme and a different menu. There are plenty of snack bars all over the boat also.

We spent our first full day in Nassau. A short taxi ride can bring you to The Atlantis Resort which is a beautiful casino resort just across a short bridge from downtown Nassau. WOW what a place and one of nicest I've seen.

Our next full day is spent at Castaway Cay, a private beach island owned exclusively by Disney. Here you can parasail, scuba dive, snorkel, sun-bath and more. We had a magical time and would recommend the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship and Disney Cruise Lines to anyone. Also, we are always able to find some great Disney cruise specials. Thanks Disney!

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

disney wonder cruise ship

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