New York Vacations

New York Vacations

New York Vacations, Wow where do we start. If you vacation in New York city for a month, you still couldn't begin to see and do everything.

"The city that never sleeps," what an amazing mix of famous buildings, landmarks, parks, museums, restaurants and clubs. We all know about, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and the Museum of Modern Art.

But, people are always wanting to know the top things to do in New York, we try to break it down for you. Here are some of the top things to do in New York.


New York Things To Do

new york things to do

• New York things to do must include a tour of the city. There are many ways to tour New York City, bike tours, walking tours, bus tours and helicopter tours. One of the best and most enjoyable ways to experience New York is from the water on a boat tour - my favorite.

• Learn the rich history of Greenwich Village while tasting your way around the many stores and restaurants on a walking tour. The tour covers many of Greenwich Village's popular attractions and includes enough food for most people at lunch-time.

• A can't miss for all New York Vacations is the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock Observation Decks. See Manhattan from all sides. If you do Top of the Rock, get there early and watch the Today Show being filmed live. (Map of New York City at bottom of page)

• In downtown you will want to see, the 32 acre Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan. Over four million people, including New Yorkers, annually visit the park and its major landmark, Castle Clinton National Monument.

• The cheapest thing to do in New York is the free ride to Staten Island and back. It takes about an hour and has wonderful views of the island of Manhattan.

• On New York City Vacations you will want to visit the well-known Central Park. It plays a huge role in most New Yorkers everyday lives by providing over 800 acres of paths, lakes and open spaces for escaping the chaos of the surrounding city.

• If you like history, Ellis Island is a must see. Each year, more than three million visitors walk through the Great Hall at Ellis Island. Search the Ellis Island photo albums for an ancestor, photos from the late 1890's. Ellis Island also provides a clear view of both the New York City and New Jersey skylines.

• More history in New York City is the famous churches, synagogues and temples. They are well worth visiting to see the amazing architecture.

• Time to eat some great New York pizza. There is none better than Grimaldi's, located on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, a brick-oven pizzeria in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. Great pizza and you'll get a memorable view of Manhattan from one of the oldest parts of Brooklyn.

new york city vacations

• If you're an animal lover, there are quite a few Aquariums and Zoos in the New York area, Central Park Zoo, Tisch Children's Zoo, New York Aquarium, Queens Zoo and Bronx Zoo, to name a few.

• If you're a sports-fan, there's no better better city to see a sporting event. With Shea Stadium, Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium, there's plenty of sports for every fan and so much sports history.

• The New York City Nightlife is truely amazing. There are literally hundreds of dance clubs, comedy clubs, lounges and jazz clubs. Some of the popular places for your New York Vacations include, Copacabana, Dangerfield's Comedy Club, King Cole Bar and Lounge, Roof Garden Cafe, Angel's Share, 40/40 Club, S.O.B.'s, Cafe Carlyle, Jazz Standard, High Bar, Artisanal, Corner Bistro, Table 50 and many many more.

• This long list of New York things to do, shows you the variety and just how much there is to see and do and this is just a small sampling of things to do on New York Vacations.

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New York Vacations and a city with a whole lot of personality. New York City has something for everyone. A must-vacation for active travelers, families, kids, theatre lovers, guy's or girl's weekends, sports fans and couples seeking romance, visitors of all ages will love the excitement and variety on each and every street of spectacular New York city.

Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge

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Map Of New York City

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