Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews

norwegian cruise line reviews

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews - The Miami based company revolutionized the cruise experience with Freestyle Cruising, doing away with the traditional cruise line stuffiness and lending itself to casual dining, dressing, etc...

With Norwegian cruise's open dining policy, you can eat with whomever you wish whenever you'd like at up to 10 differently themed restaurants and dress casual if you like. When I think about Norwegian Cruise ships I think of relaxation.

Norwegian Cruise Line Reviews

norwegian cruise reviews

"This was our first time with Norwegian Cruise Lines, the ship was extremely clean and well maintained. There were many things to do. The bathrooms were always well put together and everything was always very clean.

There was something to eat for everyone, all the time and there was never a line at the buffets. The dining times were great because you were able to choose when you wanted to eat. The servers acted as if they were there for you and made the dining experience wonderful.
I was impressed with the size of the balcony. Going in to this I was prepared to have no room to move around but instead it was very comfortable. The bathrooms are a little small, but everything was always very clean and towels were always replaced.

There were many things to do on board. Whether it was a show, parties by the pool, or entertainment that occurred every night. I would have to say my trip was excellent and my favorite parts of the cruise was the staff and the great food. This wont be our last time with Norwegian Cruise Lines."


Norwegian Cruise Reviews

norwegian cruise lines

Norwegian Cruise Reviews - "This was our first cruise and it was wonderful. I appreciated the skilled and caring captain and his crew, the friendly and polite workers, the wonderful shows, the activities on board, the most hilarious Bingo Boy and the terrific tours.

Overall, because of the people and the aura on the ship, it was absolutely positive. I can hardly wait for my next Norwegian Cruise Lines trip. Thank you for such a great time! The food was great and quite varied! The restaurants were classy and yet very welcoming. It was so relaxing and awesome..."

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