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the best time to book

Online travel agency rates will fluctuate depending on a lot of variables. Below are tips about the best times of the year and best times of the day to book travel.

With a little savvy, you can save money as well as saving time on your next trip and help you to have an even more enjoyable vacation. I hope you are enjoying our Website and please take advantage of all the Cheap Vacation Packages and Cheapest Cruise Prices.

Domestic Airfare

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Domestic airfare remains reasonably consistent throughout the year, apart from the occasional price wars. But, there are fluctuations, book early with your online travel agent for holiday trips, but wait until an airfare sale comes along if traveling at any other time. Often, money-saving airfares pop up 7 to 14 days before departure.

Select less popular times of the day to travel. Often, nonstop flights during the busiest time of the day (early morning, late afternoon, early evening) have fewer cheap seats. Select an off-peak flight for a better fare.

Hotel Accommodations

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Many hotels and resorts have seasonal variations in their room rates, such as spring break, major trade shows or the summer season for beach destinations.

Choose off-peak vacation dates for better accommodation rates. Hotels tend to be full either during the week or the weekend, depending on whether the usual guests are business people or vacationers.

A downtown hotel in a large city will be full every weeknight, but nearly empty on the weekend. Vacation hot spots will be empty on weekdays and full on weekends. Book downtown hotels for the weekend. Book popular vacation spots during the week. Find the best online travel agency rates for hotel accommodations and more with

Cruise Vacations

If you must have a specific ship or sailing date, book with your online travel agency as early as possible to avoid disappointment. But, if you are flexible, here are some money saving ideas.

• Caribbean - The best time to call your vacation travel agent and book a cruise, is when it's coldest in the northern hemisphere. Typically December through April. Hurricane season makes late summer and fall the best times to book for the Cheapest Cruise Prices for Caribbean cruises. If you are planning to visit the Caribbean please read Cheap Caribbean Vacations.

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• Mexico - For a cheap cruise package, try Mexico during its dry season, November through May. And you'll probably find even better deals in the fall, between the two high seasons and during hurricane season.

• New England and Canada - For the best chance to see the beauty of this area in warm weather, cruise from late June to early September. But May and late October sailings offer the best value and you can check rates at the bottom of this page.

Cruise Tips - An older crowd will normally go on the colder cruises, like Alaskan Cruises. The longer cruises have mostly older passengers also. Younger passengers usually can't afford longer cruises and they don't have vacation time to take them.

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