Princess Cruise Line Reviews

princess cruise line reviews

The Princess Cruise Line Reviews below are real cruise critic reviews by real people, just like yourself. We hope you find them informative and helpful in planning your next Princess Cruise Lines vacation.

Princess started out as one of the smallest cruise lines and turned into an industry giant. I hope you enjoy our many Cruise Review pages and please take advantage of our cheapest cruise prices. Let's get started with our Princess Cruise Reviews.

Grand Princess Cruise Ship

grand princess cruise ship

Princess Cruise Line Reviews - We went on a 7-day Caribbean cruise. I was really scared based on some of the reviews I had read, but we had a fantastic time. The bottom line for me was that the SERVICE was great, the SHIP was clean, the FOOD was great and the ports were GREAT. Also, our waiters, asst waiters, and cabin steward were all on top of their game and provided excellent service.

A couple complaints I do have is that the buffet had very little selection compared to other cruises we have been on. The cost of internet service is WAY too high. These are very minor complaints that didn't ruin our trip.

A little tip, in talking with one of the bartenders, he said that cruises longer than 10 nights DRAMATICALLY shift in age to a much older crowd. Other than the few minor complaints, the ship was great, the staff was GREAT, and the value was GREAT. We really loved the Grand Princess Cruise Ship.


Island Princess Cruise Ship

island princess cruise ship

Princess Cruise Line Reviews - I was a little worried getting on a smaller ship for so many days, I am used to the larger cruise ships. After the first day at sea, my fears were gone. The ship was beautiful and not crowded at all, although it was at full capacity.

The crowd was older, but still a lot of fun. The ports of call were the highlight of the trip. The food was exceptiona1 -- excellent doesn't do it justice. The cabin was always clean, the room steward was very attentive and responsive.

The entertainment on the ship was great, I loved the comedy shows. I took two ship excursions which were very good. They are always over-prized but considering the ports, I valued the security the ship offered.

I would recommend everyone to take this cruise. The voyage through the Panama locks was amazing. Panama and Costa Rica were the best. Aruba and Jamaica were also nice. Everyone we spoke to about their tours really enjoyed them.

The thing I love the most when cruising with Princess is the anytime dinning. I met the most awesome people every night. It was an adventure in its self to go to dinner. I can't wait to go on the Island Princess cruise ship again and I highly recommend it.

Star Princess Cruise Ship

star princess cruise ship

Princess Cruise Line Reviews - We have cruised many times before with Princess Cruise Lines as well as other cruise lines. This short Mexican cruise probably rated an 8 out of 10. The food was, as always is the case on cruises, plentiful and very good. Horizon Court buffet was good and the traditional dinning room was nice. Our stateroom attendant did a first class job. The entertainment was up to my standards.

The ship was Clean, spacious and well maintained. We had a good time in Mexico. I've been to Mexico many times before and It's always a good time. We were in the cities during the day, so we felt safe at all ports. Like I said earlier, I'd give the cruise an 8 - We had a great time. I would go again on the Star Princess Cruise Ship.

Sun Princess Cruise Ship

sun princess cruise ship

Princess Cruise Line Reviews - Eight of us went on an Alaskan cruise, from age 18 to 65, we cruised aboard the Sun Princess. We departed from Seattle and visited several ports. What a great trip. Everyone of us had a great time. The crew was wonderful, very friendly and attentive. The food was fabulous and available 24 hours a day.

If you have never been on an Alaskan Cruise, you must go. There was unbelievably beautiful scenery and Fun activities every hour of every day. Probably the only complaint I had would be the very expensive shore excursions. Other than that small complaint I would recommend the Sun Princess Cruise Ship and Princess Alaska Cruise to all. There is truly something for everyone.

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